New Sesi/Senai Integrated Center in Anchieta, Espírito Santo, receives support from Samarco
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New Sesi/Senai Integrated Center in Anchieta, Espírito Santo, receives support from Samarco

3/21/2016 3:00 PM
Samarco’s CEO, Roberto Carvalho, participated on 17 March, in the inauguration of the new Sesi/Senai Integrated Center in Anchieta, Espírito Santo. The Company donated the land, about 20 thousand square meters, in 2007, for the construction of this unit, which will be able to receive 12 thousand students per year, expanding the offer of skilled labor in the region. Also present at the event were the Governor of Espírito Santo, Paulo Hartung, the president of the National Confederation of Industries (CNI), Robson Andrade, the president of the Espírito Santo Federation of Industries (Findes), Marcos Guerra, and the institutional vice president of Findes, Fernando Kunsch, among other authorities.

Roberto Carvalho emphasized the importance of establishing partnerships to promote the building of professionals skills in the production industry. “We support this project because we are investing in the future. Samarco believes that the development of skills is fundamental to any industry. We want people to be well prepared and hope to be able to generate opportunities for all of them”, he stated.

The local residents, including those living in the municipalities of Guarapari, Alfredo Chaves, Iconha and Piúma, will be able to enroll in courses offering vocational training as well as basic and continued education. The courses available are in the fields of mechanical within metal, civil construction, electrical/electronics, IT, environment and work safety.

The president of the Espírito Santo Federation of Industries, Marcos Guerra, spoke about the relevance of the city of Anchieta to the state economy. “In addition to Samarco, the region is also home to a large production chain of small industries. The creation of an Integrated Center in the municipality strengthens the local economy, expands access to vocational training and creates opportunities for our young people.”


Considered as a reference in terms of construction, as it prioritizes sustainability and ecoefficiency, the Integrated Center has a thermoacoustic roof which prevents the absorption of heat and allows sound insulation, as well as a system for harvesting and reusing rain water to wash the street walks and water the grass. It also includes an effluent treatment plant to treat sewage before it is discharged into the system.

Another important aspect of the construction design is accessibility, facilitating its use by people with disabilities. In all, the Findes System invested R$ 16.8 million in the works and cutting-edge equipment. There are 13 classrooms and 14 labs, within a built-up area of 4.6 thousand square meters.

Samarco actions presented in Vitoria

In the afternoon, Roberto Carvalho represented Samarco at an event held in Vitoria, Espírito Santo, by the NGO Espírito Santo em Ação. He was invited to talk about the Company’s emergency relief actions and the measures established in the agreement that was signed on 2 March between Samarco and the Federal and State Governments of Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais to mitigate the damages caused by the accident.

The NGO Espírito Santo em Ação is sponsored by medium and large enterprises in the state, seeking to reinforce the commitment of the private sector to social responsibility. Samarco is one of the sponsors. The meeting gathered some 50 businessmen.​