Bento Rodrigues community visits possible city reconstruction sites
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Bento Rodrigues community visits possible city reconstruction sites

4/13/2016 4:00 PM

On April 8th and 9th, 120 people of the Bento Rodrigues community visited the three available locations for the reconstruction of the Mariana’s (MG) district. The visits, organized by Samarco, were accompanied by the company’s technical team and thus, the families were able to learn about the characteristics of each of the options and clarify any doubts before making their choice at a meeting to be held later this month.

Those who could not attend the first two days will have a new opportunity on April 16th. Those interested should seek Samarco’s service station located at Bom Jesus Streeet, 157, Mariana city center, or call the 0800-031-2303 toll-free telephone number.

The three sites represent the best alternatives found in the region, following the 17 importance criteria established by the community. The visited options are located in the surroundings of Mariana and are known as Lavoura, Taquara Queimada and Bicas.

Once the site is chosen by the community through voting, the discussions on Bento Rodrigues’ urban plan will be initiated. At that stage the community will define the location of public property, such as square, church, school, health center and soccer field, as well as the housing construction standards. All will be defined collectively and individual decisions will not be taken into consideration.

Bento Rodrigues’ new urban plan having been designed, the following step will be to engage on individual dialogue with the families so that details, such as the location, structure and finishing standards of each residence, can be defined. Once individual agreements are concluded, it is expected that the engineering projects are ready by October.

The next step will be hiring the company that will be responsible for the reconstruction. The last stage will account for the moving process and the monitoring of all families in their new homes.​​​​​​​