Agreement assures rights of people impacted by dam break
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Agreement assures rights of people impacted by dam break

1/22/2016 5:00 PM

In a meeting held at the Mariana Courthouse on Tuesday, January 20, with the Public Prosecution Service of Minas Gerais and representatives of the affected communities, it was agreed that Samarco would pay an indemnity in the amount of R$ 10 thousand to the families who owned property that was not used as their usual residence and was affected by the dam break.

The amount will be paid by the 29th of February, based on the previously developed roster of these families. It was also determined that Samarco would indemnify the people who lost their vehicles due to the accident. In all, this involves 35 automobiles, according to the mapping performed.

The value to be paid shall be calculated on the basis of the FIPE table (official average market price) in effect on 5 November 2015. The payment will be made within thirty days after the owner submits the documents specified in the meeting, and will include interest and restatement for inflation up to the actual date of payment.​