Samarco supports the City Hall of Linhares in the rescue of fish
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Samarco supports the City Hall of Linhares in the rescue of fish

2/1/2016 7:00 PM

A team of biologists has been sent to the city of Linhares on the 27 and 28 of January by Samarco to support the municipality in the rescue of fish that were trapped in a passage way of the Doce River. Water trucks with a total volume of 240,000 liters of water were also displaced from Colatina to stop the mortality of fish identified due to climate change at the site in the past days.

The rains last week caused the Doce River to overflow and some fish were trapped in a passage way between the Terra Alta and the Lagoon and the dam built on a canal that connects the river to the lagoon with the same name. With the end of the rain this week, the water level went down at the dammed section, which caused a decrease in the oxygenation of the water, causing the death of some fish.

Samarco then answered a request from the City Hall and, in an emergency action, sent biologists from Bioma to the location to transfer the fish trapped to Terra Alta Lagoon and remove the dead fish. Access was provided at the location to allow the fish to move to the Doce River. In parallel, the water trucks helped mitigate the situation immediately. The dam was built by the City Hall with Samarco’s support to prevent Doce River’s water from invading the Terra Alta Lagoon.

A Bioma is a company hired by Samarco monitor and collect fish along the entire basin of the Doce River in Espírito Santo.​