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Photographer: Vale's Archive 
Photographer: Vale's Archive 

The first step for suppliers hired to provide services at one of Vale’s operating sites, projects and administrative sites is to learn about the mobilization process.

All the steps in this process and a list of necessary documents are set out in our Guide to Mobilization.

As well as consulting this guide, suppliers that will work at a Vale site need to do training on our Critical Activities Requirements.

Other important documents:

Mobilization: starting a service contract at Vale

The whole process takes place in a system in which you can download documentation and track everything, called the Contract Management System (SGC).

Photographer: Vale's Archive

New SGC and new mobilization flow

In July 2022, to better support the process of mobilizing contracts and employees, the Mobilization SGC gained a new architecture, making the whole process more stable, secure and standardized.


At the end of the service contracts, it is required to prove that:

  • All products and services have been delivered and accepted in accordance with the contract. 
  • All financial obligations arising from the contract have been settled. 
  • Contract and supplier performance information has been updated and archived. 
  • In the case of contracts for the provision of services within Vale units, it is necessary to consult additional guidelines on the demobilization of employees in the Guide for Mobilizing Service Providers. 
Photographer: Vale's Archive 

Contract Management 

Suppliers must meet their contractual obligations, always abiding by Vale’s Principles of Conduct for Third Parties. They must also comply with all applicable laws, including global anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, and those that apply to Vale’s operations in the countries where it operates. 

During the contract term, the performance of suppliers of services and goods is evaluated periodically, in line with criteria pre-established by Vale. 

Photographer: Vale's Archive 

Contract Changes 

Contractual changes, even if requested by a Vale employee, are only valid after authorization from the contract manager and contractual formalization by the responsible Procurement area. 

Check out the labor requirements that service providers working at Vale units must submit. A list of all documents that suppliers working at Vale units need to present is available in the ‘Ajuda’ (‘Help’) section (download the book) on the website www.crct.com.br. This rule only applies to service contracts that have third parties mobilized providing services within Vale.    

Photographer: Vale's Archive 

Term of Contractual Termination (TEC) 

Some contracts require that, upon termination, the Term of Contractual Termination (TEC) is made. This information is available in the contract. In case of doubt, the supplier can contact the manager of its contract. 

Service Provider Mobilization Guide  

Presentation of Surety Bond   

Supplier Performance Index  

Photographer: Vale's Archive 

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