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Photographer: Vitor Nogueira
Photographer: Vitor Nogueira

In Rio de Janeiro, we operate the Portos Sul complex, on Costa Verde region of Rio de Janeiro and host our company headquarters. Comprising terminals for the loading of iron ore, the site has the capacity to ship more than 75 million tonnes per year.

The structure also includes the Ilha Guaíba Terminal (TIG) and the Terminal of Companhia Portuária Baía de Sepetiba (CPBS), in addition to the operation of the wagon dumper at Ternium, located in the Santa Cruz neighborhood, West Zone of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.  

In the surroundings of operating unit, we also carry out actions that seek to preserve the environment . One of them is the Fazenda Marinha project, which monitors environmental quality indicators in Sepetiba Bay. Furthermore, we operate  initiatives focused on valuing local culture and promoting educational and reading encouragement actions.  

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Winds of citizenship

This is one of the highlights of this edition, the Grael Project, which has been developing educational activities related to water sports for children and young people in socially vulnerable situations in Mangaratiba. Furthermore, we have invested in the public health network through an important support to improve the services provided to the community. New furniture, equipment and training for the professionals were delivered through the Vale Foundation's Ciclo Saúde (Health Cycle). We also invested in cultural projects, such as the Itaguaí Cultural Activation project, which has already benefited more than 15,000 students from public schools in the municipality.

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Our initiatives 

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Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Fazenda Marinha 

Since 1996, Vale maintains Fazenda Marinha, a project that monitors environmental quality indicators in Sepetiba Bay. The initiatives developed at the site include the monitoring of the population dynamics of the Guiana dolphin and the seahorse, in addition to the periodic release of 2 million native shrimp in their post-larval stage. 

At the Farm, monitoring research and studies on the habits and behavior of these animals are also carried out, contributing to the conservation of marine fauna. 

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Participative Community Program 

We seek to contribute to the development of the communities where we operate. That's why we created the Participative Community Program, where we select social projects be sponsored by Vale.  
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Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Literacy Routes and Networks

The project, promoted by the Vale Foundation in partnership with the Municipal Education Department of Mangaratiba and Instituto de Arte Tear, aims to train educators to encourage reading habits among children and youth and to promote literature.  
The initiative includes in-person training for educators on Reading Mediation. Another action is the qualification of reading spaces in school environments, providing advice to reading room teachers and the structuring and computerization of reading spaces, in addition to the donation of materials.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Photographer: Ricardo Teles


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Vale Day 2023, London, UK

At Vale Day 2023, Vale presented the evolution of our commitments and our strategic agenda to investors and capital market analysts

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Vale's Sales and Production performance for 3Q23 is now available.​

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Circular Mining: Vale Base Metals and BluestOne sign long-term offtake agreement to repurpose refinery waste in Brazil

Vale Base Metals has signed a commercial off-take and non-binding MOU with BluestOne, a leading Brazilian company that transforms waste to products for agriculture, to provide up to 50,000 tonnes per year of refinery slag from its Onça Puma mine in Brazil for the next 10 years.