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Photographer: Ricardo Teles
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Whistleblower Channel 

Acting with ethics and integrity, always practicing active listening: this is one of our commitments.

Vale’s Whistleblower Channel can be used by anyone, inside or outside the company, who wants to report a suspicion or violation of our Code of Conduct.

The reports are registered by an independent company and forwarded to the team responsible for the investigations.

​The information is treated with secrecy and confidentiality. Under no circumstances will there be intimidation or retaliation against whistleblowers.

You can also make your allegation by phone and by letter

Calls are toll-free and there is a specific number for each country.

Brazil - 0800 821 5000 or 21 3485-3000 or 823 3000 (internal phone at Vale) 

Canada - 1-844-450-500 

For other countries, call collect to +55 21 3485-3000. 

Vale’s Whistleblower Channel
PO Box 521 | CEP 06320-291
Carapicuíba | São Paulo | Brazil 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

Our company's employees and contractors also count on a channel operated by a specialized and independent team to listen, welcome, and orient those who are experiencing sexual harassment or discrimination. Find out more.
Foto de placeholder Photographer: Ricardo Teles

For us, maintaining the transparency of the entire process is crucial.

Each year, we publish an accountability report of the Ethics & Compliance Program with all the information about our activities in the Whistleblower Channel. Check below the 2022 informations.