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Photographer: Vale's archive
Photographer:  Vale's archive

Registration of suppliers

Find out below the step-by-step process for registering on the Vale Suppliers Portal

How suppliers are registered at Vale 

How suppliers are registered at Vale

 If Vale identifies you as a potential supplier, you will receive an invitation to register on the GSRP portal (Global Supplier Registration Portal), which is Vale's supplier registration platform. 

2. The invitation will be sent to the e-mail: Click on "Reply to Registration Form". You will be directed to the portal to confirm your e-mail address. 

3. After confirming your e-mail address, you will receive a new e-mail message informing you of your Login and Password to access the GSRP. The password change will be requested on your first access to the Portal.


Having your registration at the GSRP complete and approved is essential to continue the selection and hiring process, as well as to access the Vale systems. If you experience any difficulties at this stage, please contact us through our service channels:


  • GSRP Process Support
    0800 047 4242 
  • Technical Support (ex: GSRP password blocking)
     (16) 3515-3838

USA and Canada

  • GSRP Process Support

Other Countries

  • GSRP Process Suppor
Photographer: Dario Zalis

How to complete registration  

Vale seeks to share its values and principles, promoting awareness and practices in relation to Health & Safety and Human Rights. Therefore, some documents and information are required to complete the registration process. Check it out below: 

Photographer: Dario Zalis

Corporate Requirements

  • Supplier Code of Ethics and Conduct;  
  • Bank statements/proofs. 

Registration for Services (up to 5 documents)  

  • Anti-corruption pre-questionnaire 
  • Pre-qualification in health and safety - services with mobilization
  • Environmental documents for specific categories: license, Ibama certificate, FISPQ etc

Registration of materials (up to 3 documents)

Environmental documents for specific categories: license, Ibama certificate, FISPQ etc

Update of Registration Data

To ensure that you receive all communications, quotes, invitations, among others, it is very important to keep your data updated on the GSRP Portal.

For suppliers registered through the GSRP Portal, it is possible to perform registration updates within the same platform. 

Through the “Acesse aqui” (“Access here”) of the Supplier

If your registration was made before January 2020, to update your data, please contact your focal point at Vale.

Photo: Vale's Archive

We want to hear from our Suppliers!

Use our service channel to share your doubts, criticisms and suggestions.

Access here the tutorials on how to use the GSRP portal (Portuguese only)

Reception of invitation and access to the GSRP portal

How to complete the registration process

How to update documents in GSRP

How to update registration data in GSRP

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