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Photo: Vale's Archive
Photo: Vale's Archive

Women who transform the future

Advances in gender equality at Vale leverage a more cooperative, innovative and attractive environment for new talents. ​

At Vale, we believe that the female presence is essential for building a more egalitarian and sustainable future. Our recent initiatives focused on inclusion and diversity help us to make further progress in creating a more cooperative, innovative and attractive environment for new talent.​

Studies, research or actions at Vale, with the participation of women, advance in all the countries we are present and cast new perspectives on our challenges in all sectors. In sustainability, for example, several solutions for adapting, mitigating and responding to climate change have been led by our scientists.

In this space, we present our vision on gender equality, the evolution of the goal of doubling the number of women at Vale by 2025 and stories that recognize their contribution to the company and inspire future talent.​

Photo: Vale's Archive

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A woman's place is also in mining! We rely on your skills for our vacancies, in the various career possibilities within Vale.

We always have opportunities throughout Brazil for women who want to evolve with us. For this, we offer a work environment that prioritizes respect, where everyone should have a voice to stand out and grow.

we need different ideas and worldviews. Our goal is to double the representation of women at Vale by 2025 (compared to 2019). Our doors are open and we are waiting for your registration.

Vale's commitments to gender equity

In December 2019, Vale made a commitment to double the number of women in the company by 2030. Historically, men have been the vast majority of the mining workforce. At Vale, women corresponded to only 13% of the total number of employees, two years ago.
In November 2021, female participation in Vale had already increased to approximately 19%. There are approximately 4,500 more women in the company, with a female growth of 80% in senior leadership positions.
Due to the good performance and the rapid advances, the target forecast to double the participation of women in the company was brought forward to 2025.
Vale is a signatory to the UN Women's Empowerment Principles, focusing on sustainable principles. Gender equality is a topic that connects directly with the purpose of the company: “Improve life and transform the future. Together. ”
Actions carried out in recent years reinforce Vale's objective of being, increasingly, an inclusive and receptive work environment for women, providing not only the attraction, but also the retention of these talents. 
Between 2020 and June 2021 alone, more than 4,000 leaders participated in trainings and workshops with discussions on toxic masculinity, unconscious biases, gender intelligence, among others. 

Vale’s progress in gender equality

% Representativeness of women by hierarchy

Access the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report here and learn more.

What is the role of Vale's women in the sustainable development of the planet?

Vale has invested in several initiatives to promote a more sustainable tomorrow. In this scenario, the focus on diversity and inclusion for recruiting new talent contributes to the creation and development of innovative actions.

In all Brazilian states and countries where Vale operates, women with inspiring stories lead major projects focused on sustainability. The actions have major impacts on communities and contribute to Vale's environmental goals.

Among the commitments made by Vale is to become a zero carbon company by 2050, protect 500,000 hectares of forests, achieve 100% self-production of renewable electricity in Brazil by 2025 and achieve 100% consumption of clean energy sources globally.

Learn about the stories of women at Vale who are working for a better tomorrow:​

Tereza Giannini

Patricia Daros

Miaad Alshidi

Olga Kovalik

Marcia Belix

Juliana Andrade

Priscila Herrera Diez

Claudia Nobre​

Luciana Rodrigues


Women at Vale

66% of those selected in the 2021 Trainee Program declared themselves to be black ou brown.
68% of those selected in the 2021 Trainee Program are women.
In 2019, we announced the goal of doubling the number of women working at Vale by 2030, from 13% to 26%.
We also set a goal of doubling the presence of women in leadership roles from 12% to 20% by 2030.​
As of June 2021, 48% of new hires by Vale were women - in an industry historically with a majority presence of men.​​
Find out more about our initiatives at Mining by them