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Photographer: Ricardo Teles
Photographer: Marcelo Coelho

What makes us be Vale

Our recruitment process has been changing and is in line with the cultural transformation we are going through. We want to make Vale a more diverse and inclusive company and we remain committed to working with inspiring leaders. We seek to know the potential and capacity for future realization of all people.

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People purpose and inclusion 

We are made by people and for people. Therefore, human beings are always at the forefront of our business, which also aims at a Vale that builds a different tomorrow.

We seek an environment in which everyone is free to be proud of and live according to their identity. Therefore, we created a relationship of respect, listening, and zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, in addition to setting goals for the coming years.
We have a goal of doubling the number of women within Vale by 2025, but our commitment is not just about gender equity.

In 2020, we also created the Ethnic-Racial and LGBTQIA+ affinity group
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

New Graduate Program

We are committed to developing people. That’s why our program offers trainees the possibility to explore, learn and expand business skills such as project management, change management and digital transformation, in addition to technical depth in our areas of expertise. At Vale, your talent makes the difference.

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We offer great challenges and form leaders for the transformation we want