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Photographer: Ricardo Teles
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

How we act

Our governance model ensures the preservation of the principles of role clarity, transparency and stability, all of which guide our collective actions.
The guidelines and general policies that guide our business are established by the Board of Directors, which monitors the implementation of initiatives through reports from the Executive Directors. The Board is advised by technical and advisory committees, as designated below.
The Advisory Committees' mission is to support the Board of Directors, including by proposing actions related to the various areas of activity and providing greater efficiency and quality to decisions. Thus, we ensure that the Company's activities are conducted in accordance with the rules, ethics and internal controls.

Organizational Chart

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Boards, committees and councils

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Eduardo Bartolomeo

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandre Silva D’Ambrosio

Executive *Vice-President, Corporate and External Affairs

Alexandre Pereira

Executive *Vice President, Projects

Carlos Medeiros

Executive *Vice President, Operations

Gustavo Pimenta

Executive *Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations

Marcello Spinelli

Executive *Vice President, Iron Solutions

Maria Luiza de Oliveira Pinto e Paiva

Executive *Vice President, Sustainability

Marina Quental

Executive *Vice President, People

Rafael Bittar

Executive *Vice President, Technical

Deshnee Naidoo

Executive **Vice President, Base Metals
** Non-statutory Director
*Vice-President appointed as Executive Director according to the company's Bylaws.

Minutes of meetings, notices and corporate documents

If you are a shareholder, check the call notices, minutes of meetings and other documents related to corporate governance.

Minutes of Meetings

General Meeting of Shareholders

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