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Photo: Vale's Archive
Photo: Vale's Archive

Vale in Malaysia

In Malaysia, we have the Teluk Rubiah Maritime Terminal (TRMT), a very important site that connects our mines in Brazil to our markets in Asia. Opened in 2014, the USD 1.37 billion terminal is the single largest foreign direct investment in the state of Perak. It reduces the lead time for iron ore transport by about 25 days, and is designed to handle up to 30 million tonnes of iron ore annually. 

Where are we?

Located in Teluk Rubiah, Lumut, Perak, the terminal is strategically located on the Straits of Malacca, one of the busiest shipping channels in the world.  

Photo: Vale's Archive

What do we do?  

The facility comprises a deep-water pier – capable of harboring Valemax, one of the world’s largest and most efficient bulk carriers. The use of Valemax allows us to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from our shipment of ore to Asia, as different types of iron ore can be customized to the needs of regional steelmakers. The distribution center consists of three parts:

Import Cradle

This section receives ore from Brazil in large ships, with three ship unloaders with a capacity of 3,500 t/h each.

Storage Yard

This section stores the distribution center's ore stock, with a capacity of 3.2 Mt.

Export Cradle

This section loads Capesize ships for ore distribution in the region, with a ship loader with a capacity of 8,000t/h.

In addition to operations 

Since we arrived in Malaysia, we have invested in local development, whether by hiring local talent and suppliers, or through projects to sustainably improve the life of the community that surrounds us.

Over 90 percent of our employees at TRMT are Malaysian; most of them originating from the Manjung district. 60% of Vale’s land in Manjung has been earmarked as a forest reserve, allowing us to be directly involved in the preservation of the unique coastal rainforest ecosystem of Teluk Batik.

Photo: Vale's Archive

The Vale Eco Center (VEC), our flagship ecological park, provides a gateway for visitors to explore the forest in an safe and immersive setting. The park has registered over 20,000 visitors so far, and a plan has been launched to upgrade the VEC to become one of the leading ecotourism destinations in Perak. 
As of 2022, we have invested close to MYR60 million in various social and environmental initiatives, which resulted in partnerships with local fishery associations, health institutions, and community centers for neurodiverse learning. The ‘Vale Bersama Manjung’ pandemic assistance program has culminated in over MYR2.0 million worth of assistance to the local community, in the forms of food aid, educational assistance and infrastructure support.
Recently, we have also developed initiatives to elevate the socioeconomic conditions of single mothers in Manjung through strategic upskilling programs. 
Photo: Vale's Archive