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Photographer: Márcio Dantas Valença
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

We bet on a better future and, therefore, we work to change people's lives.

With investments in sustainability, we seek to mitigate the impact of our operations, without forgetting the communities that already existed in these places before we arrived there.

We work together to leave economic, social and environmental legacies. With an eye on tomorrow, we signed international treaties and committed ourselves to environmental preservation goals, without ceasing to invest in social awareness.


We use our aggregating ability to transform lives.

We are accountable for our environmental reparation goals and conduct other projects that seek professional training and community development. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Other Initiatives

Vale Foundation

Vale Fund

Vale Cultural Institute

Vale Institute of Technology

Vale Volunteer Network


Parks and Reserves 

We keep parks and reserves that ensure the preservation of nature and promote collective awareness of the environmental cause.

The places, in addition to serving as a basis for studies on species and laboratories for the preservation of biodiversity, can also be visited by people seeking refuges of peace, trails and workshops.

To find out where our parks are and their opening hours and activities.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Vale's commitment to the future is also a pact with the history, memory and culture of the communities in which we operate.

Customs, traditions and cultural manifestations, in addition to being the heritage of a people, are the basis for social and economic development and for increasing people's well-being and quality of life. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


Innovation is a value that permeates all of Vale's operations, contributing to the improvement of our processes and the sustainable development of the businesses and communities of which we are a part.

Shared and developed collaboratively, innovative solutions generate value for society as a whole, producing positive impacts on the health and safety of people and the environment.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles