Karyawan Vale tersenyum di lanskap hijau. Dia mengenakan seragam Vale
hijau, kacamata, helm, dan penutup telinga. Artefak gelombang visual Vale
Photographer: Ricardo Teles
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

We work every day to build a safer and more sustainable mining. 

We value our people, dialogue with communities and act together to build a better future.


For us life matters most.

In our business, we prioritize the safety of people and the environment, acting with respect, care and integrity. In dialogue with communities, we want to contribute to building a positive social, economic and environmental legacy.

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


We are committed to fully making reparations to Brumadinho.

Taking the lead in bringing back dignity to the families and communities affected. 

Photographer: Ricardo Teles


We want to be a benchmark in safety and one of the most reliable companies on the market.

And a job with greater protection depends on everyone involved. Therefore, we have adopted 10 Golden Rules for our employees and suppliers to follow, in addition to internal programs and campaigns.  

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Strategic Pillars 

We have three main pillars that strengthen our strategy for the Vale of the future:

Promote sustainable mining

  • People-driven;
  • Reliable operator;
  • Benchmark in safety and dam management;
  • Shared value;
  • Nature positive.

Foster low carbon solutions

  • Focused on high quality products and resources;
  • Iron Solutions;
  • Energy transition materials;
  • Circular mining.

Stay disciplined

  • Efficient capital allocation;
  • Attractive cash return to shareholders;
  • Strong balance sheet;
  • Cost and capex efficiency.
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Code of Conduct

Learn together to overcome dilemmas and make the best decisions ethically and responsibly:

this is the purpose of our Code of Conduct. In the document, we present values ​​and principles that must be followed by everyone who works at Vale or acts legally on our behalf. 

In addition to a governance structure that ensures transparency in our positions and decisions, we also have a  Whistleblower Channel. Through it, anyone can make a report safely and confidentially. 

Relationship with the Government

Mining is responsible for large private investments in Brazil and other parts of the world. Therefore, we keep a continuous dialogue with government agencies, preferably through institutions and class entities.  

We aim to proactively participate in the formulation of public policies, and to understand our points of view, for the establishment or maintenance of a favorable environment for the mining industry. 

We are partners with international and regional organizations and participate in discussions on environmental, commercial, energy and sustainable development policies, among others.

Some of our partnerships:  

  • Voluntary Principles Initiative 
  • International Council on Mining & Metals - (ICMM) 
  • Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) 
  • United Nations Global Compact 
  • Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) 
  • OECD Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) 
  • Brazilian Mining Institute (Ibram) 
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) 
  • Other global partners 
  • Regional partners 
Photographer: Ricardo Teles