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Foto: Vale Indonesia
Foto: Vale Indonesia

Our Commitment

We mine nickel ore using open pit mining, and surface excavation from open holes in the ground. However, one of our values is respect for the planet we live on, and the people on it.
From the excavation stage, we have to ensure that there are restrictions on land clearing, the slope of the remaining excavated land, how to restore vegetation on the land and ensure that the situation returns to its natural condition.
Rehabilitation is carried out through soil formation and post-mining planting. Meanwhile, the restoration of the soil surface is carried out based on the slope standard, starting with soil mapping, soil formation with the help of heavy equipment, and topsoil formation.


More than just obeying the government, we are committed to returning land to its original state. 

  • Minning planning
  • Progressive reclamation and rehabilitation
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Post-mining plan.

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Periodically we report environmental performance and issues through reports on the Environmental Management Plan/Environmental Monitoring Plan (RKL-RPL), the Ministry of Environment and Forestry Electronic Reporting Information System (SIMPEL-KLHK), and reclamation reports according to the timetable set out in government regulations.

We carry out land rehabilitation and cross-border forestry activities, outside the mining operation area, especially on critical land and watersheds (DAS). Currently underway covering an area of ​​10,000 ha spread over 13 regencies in South Sulawesi Province and ± 435 ha spread over 3 regencies in West Java Province.

By 2022, the total land that has been reclaimed has reached 3,338 Ha, with a total of 4.1 million trees.

We are committed to progressively reclaiming 70% of ex-mining land by 2025.

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