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Photographer: Ricardo Teles
Protographer: Ricardo Teles

We are made by people and for people

Therefore, we always seek to learn and evolve together, building a different tomorrow, with more diversity, inclusion and sustainability. We have in our life stories the inspiration needed to make Vale better every day. With each job done, we receive a new opportunity to transform our work environment and the world we live in.

Fotógrafo: Ricardo Teles

Driven by people

Our projects, which generate positive impacts for society, are possible thanks to the exchange of professional, cultural and origins experiences of more than 100,000 people around the world, with a common goal: to make a better Vale.

None of this would be possible without the development of talents and the sense of belonging that exists in each of the people who inspire us to continually evolve.

What does it mean to work at Vale?

“A dream which has come true” 
“Much more than I expected”
“Continuous learning”
“Growing professionally and personally”
“Working at a company that cares about you”
“Breaking paradigms” 
“Being an agent of change”
“Trying out different careers”
“Open and transparent dialogue”
Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Talent development

The inspiring careers of those who build Vale develop as learnings are acquired, through training platforms available to everyone and by encouraging personal and professional growth. We believe that the sum of experiences, learning and work results in unique trajectories is valued as our greatest asset.

Valer Digital

Vale Academy

Language Courses and MBA

Continuous feedback

Photographer: Ricardo Teles

Inclusion and diversity 

We are a place for all people where prejudiced or discriminatory attitudes are not tolerated. 

We want to make our work and social environment more diverse every day, with people from different origins and values, who create a unique identity, a reflection of an increasingly inclusive world.
  • More women at Vale
  • Greater awareness
  • ​​​​Environments with anti-racist behaviors
  • Foster inclusion and accessibility

Photographer: Ricardo Teles